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In 2021, 1,012,329 JAMB students reportedly failed, and more than 2 million sought admission into higher institutions.

whereas, only 600,000 admission space is reportedly available in the country. This is why you need to not pass but score high before you can secure admission.

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How a JAMB student moved from failure to success

let me tell a short story before I expose you to the secrets of passing JAMB

John went to check his JAMB result on this fateful day, and he failed yet again! It was now the second time.

He assured himself that the third time would be different. He went on to look for JAMB classes around him, but they don’t start again until a few weeks before the exam.

It was full of distractions when it first opened. He was dissatisfied because the tutorial was full and noisy, and he became enraged and returned home upset.

When John decided to download tutorial apps, they insisted on charging him for the activation pin.

He never received an activation pin after he raised the money and paid. John was duped, scammed, and conned out of his hard-earned cash.

He finally received several free past questions, but they were all incorrect.

Many JAMB students are just like John, with a lot of questions;

  • You want 275+ in JAMB!, gain admission and wear a matriculation gown!
  • The tutorials are filled with noise!!
  • Daily traffic already gave you migraine!!!
  • Apps kept on stealing your money with activation pin fraud!!!
  • You definitely don’t want to wait till next year!
  • You want to study your desired course

What to do to stop failing JAMB

The three most important things are;

  • Preparation
  • Information
  • Consistency

Preparation: Early planning is critical. This is what sets you apart from the millions of students attempting to pass the JAMB exam and receive admission.

This is because starting early allows you to constantly learn, revise, and improve your studies before the exam.

A significant advantage that traditional tutorial centres deny pupils is that, like the ones near John’s location, the bulk of centres do not begin until a few weeks before the exam.

Information: There is a lot of disinformation on the internet, and students have a hard time distinguishing between the real and the fake.

For example, many students have difficulty obtaining their profile code.

Obtaining accurate information about profile code, subject combination, exam registration deadlines, JAMB syllabus, and recommended literature is critical to your academic success.

Consistency: This is crucial to your success since the road is not for the faint of heart; it is a marathon, not a sprint, as JAMB tutorials portray it.

On exam day, consistency in reading, taking lessons, and practising prior questions will lead to you being the best version of yourself.

Consistency will reveal your weak points while also assisting you with time management.

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Alternative to tutorial centres

Over time, students get lost on the web in search of secrets to be prepared, get informed and be consistent in other to pass JAMB.

Although some people get to find their way around, I’ll recommend you to be in constant communication with students, tutors and admission officers.

These are the people with the true information that can help you on your journey to pass JAMB and gain Admission. KLASSHOUR gives you this exclusive opportunity

KLASHOUR is an EdTech startup that connects students from different levels of education with an independent tutor in real-time.

We offer instant help to students with academic problems.

PS: Join KLASSHOUR and distance yourself from failed students who believe, JAMB is the only way to punish the children of the poor because children of elites don’t need jamb to enter university abroad or that someone somewhere can upgrade their JAMB score for them.

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