Difference Between Jamb And School CUT-OFF Mark

Difference Between Jamb And School CUT-OFF Mark

Hello and Welcome back to the blog, today we are going to look into the difference between Jamb and School cut-off mark. 

I would take you through everything you need to know and some of the few Frequently asked questions, but first, we need to look a what Jamb is.

What’s Jamb

JAMB is an admission and assessing body in Nigeria. JAMB, an acronym for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, serves as an intermediary or a middle man between a tertiary institution and a student. 

The ‘O’ level or SSCE(Secondary School Certificate Examination) is usually the first preparatory examination for students willing to proceed in their quest for knowledge. 

Difference Between Jamb And School CUT-OFF Mark
Students Writing JAMB CBT

According to the laws guarding the secondary school examination, students must have a minimum of 6 credits which comprises English and Mathematics, before registering for the JAMB examination. 

The School cut-off mark is a prerequisite for admission into universities or any tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

It is an examination set up by the school body which comprises Quantitative and verbal reasoning and a little of current affairs of the happenings of Nigeria and its environment. 

Difference Between JAMB and School cut-off Mark

The difference between JAMB and School cut-off mark is not far-fetched. 

Little did these young buddings know that getting A’s and B’s in the secondary school leaving certificate examination (SSCE) does not guarantee that exact JAMB score. 

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It would also be expedient to know that having a 350 in the Jamb exam does not automatically means getting admission to your preferred institution without hard work. 

It would be an advantage for the student to carefully conduct research either from educational consultants or from the undergraduates of their choice of school. 

Knowing the dos and don’ts, the requirements for eligibility in terms of the jamb combinations the department approves of, and how the programs are organized. 

Lagos State University, for example, runs its undergraduate programs in two streams apart from the JUPEB or IJMB programs. 

The stream 1 school fee differs from that of stream 2. Stream 2’s program certification comprises an Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor’s degree certification at the end of their programs, while stream 1 is just a bachelor’s degree program.

Institution In Nigeria And Their Cut-off mark

However, institutions in Nigeria have their own choices and terms for admitting students. These choices and terms could depend on your chosen course of study and the limited number of students the department is willing to take in for the session. 

The school cut-off marks vary. In Nigeria, some polytechnics lower their cut-off marks for the rejected aspirants of a university. 

These polytechnics have a low turnout of students who chose the school as the most preferred, or the polytechnics have lost their standards. 

It is relatively asserted by the Nigerians that polytechnics and colleges have been turned into an “Option” for students rather than a “Choice.”

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Further, federal universities in Nigeria might set their cut-off marks to 180. This, in essence, means that you must pass and surpass this aggregate score to be in your chosen department. 

Most times, some students would end up being “what I have chosen, what I have got.” In this case, these students have been considered for admission, but they do not meet the school’s requirements for that particular field of study.

In the main, in considering applicants for admission, certain evaluations must be done. 

The applicants ‘O’ level result, Jamb score, and the Post- UTME( the school entrance examination.

 As the word implies, Post means after.) would have to be scored and divided by the result of that evaluation to determine whether a candidate is qualified or not. 

 Therefore, some applicants would be forced to purchase a change of institution form or change of course before the admission process even begins. 

Competition In Nigerian Universities

This avers the kind of competition that the aspirant’s field of study might be. 

In addition, the competition might not be limited to the course of study; it might be the institution itself, based on the prestige and standards and how it is being recognized in and out of the country.

Most importantly, young buildings should not feel too relaxed. The school’s cut-off marks might change. It is not static. 

This might result from mass failure in the just concluded JAMB examination or the rates at which people passed the examination in flying colors. Sometimes, these schools’ management would be curious about the center ( the location) at which the examination was conducted to be sure there were no mal-practices.



 In conclusion, there is a wide difference between the Jamb and school cut-off marks.

In the quest for knowledge, aspirants would affirm that writing the jamb examination is not as easy as passing the school’s cut-off mark. 

Also, passing the school’s cut-off mark is not as easy as being shortlisted for admission. 

The labor market is not relatively smiling. Educational procedures and being an undergraduate is such a rigorous task. Aspirants should understand the above differences. 


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