JAMB PROFILE CODE: how to check and recover JAMB profile code

jamb profile code

JAMB has incorporated the profile code system for UTME registration, unlike years back when all you need is just your name.

This has brought a lot of questions and confusion to parents and candidates.

Which has led to candidates missing out on admission because of wrong information. To not fall victim, read the best advice for a JAMB student

In this article, I answered all profile code-related questions and also proffer solutions to problems in a simple and succinct way.

Before I proceed, make sure your answer to these questions is YES, if not, you need to first tick these 4 boxes before trying to generate your profile code

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National indentity Number. important to have before you can get your JAMB profile code or UTME profile code
  1. Do you have a SIM registered in your name?
  2. Did you register your NIN same name?
  3. Do you use the same name in registering your SIM & NIN?
  4. SIM linked to your NIN?

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What is JAMB profile? 

JAMB Profile is a unique jamb candidate account that must be created before UTME registration. This holds the personal information of each candidate. Without this, you can’t make use of the jamb portal either to register or check and print results.

What is JAMB profile code?

This is a code you will have to get before you can proceed to do anything on JAMB’s portal, be it registration, result checking & printing, CAPS admission acceptance, and also the correction of errors.

How to check jamb profile code?

There are 2 ways to do this, either by SMS or USSD CODE. Note that, you can make use of either 55019 or 66019

  • Open the text message app on your phone
  • Send NIN& YOUR_NIN number to 55019 or 66019. E.g (NIN 09876543210) to (55019)
  • Wait for your Jamb profile code (you should get it immediately or in 24hrs)
  • When you receive the Profile Code, proceed to purchase your JAMB e-PIN.

     You can also do this by dialling either of the USSD code below

  • Dial *55019*1*YOUR_NIN# e.g (*55019*1*09876543210#)
  • Dial *66019*1*YOUR_NIN# e.g (*66019*1*09876543210#)

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Why is JAMB not sending my profile code?

If you did not receive your profile code after following the above steps, any or more of these can be a factor

  1.  New SIM or unregistered SIM

Solution: register your SIM with the same name on your NIN

  1. Insufficient airtime  

make sure you have at least 100 naira airtime before this task

  1. NIN has been registered with another number

Solution: use the same number that is on your NIN data

  1. Generation of same profile code from last year

Solution: if you’re retaking, no problem. Proceed.

  1. NIN is not verified or no record is found

send complaint mail to NIMC official mail.

  1. Phone number already registered

Solution: If you’re using a sim that’s already used by someone else, use alternative

  1. Wrong parameter

Solution: double-check for errors in the details you sent

How to recover jamb profile code?

If you lost or forgot your Profile Code, you can retrieve it by simply sending RESEND to 55019 or 66019

How to recover JAMB e-PIN?

  1. If you lost, forgot, or did not receive your e-PIN, do this;
  2. JAMBITES: send UTMEPIN to 55019 or 66019
  3. DIRECT ENTRY: send DEPIN to 55019 or 66019

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