School na Scam: why students should drop out of school now

school drop out

Students are dropping out of college at an alarming pace! It’s due to irresponsibility, drug addiction, family and background troubles, exorbitant tuition fees, boredom, uninteresting courses, coursemates, teachers, and so on, according to a closer study.

Many individuals are definitely opposed to students dropping out of school; yet, I have listed five compelling reasons why a student should drop out of college. Let’s get started!

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Students who do not require a job opportunity may drop out.

Until recently, 70 per cent of all job vacancies required a high school diploma, according to the Center for Education and Workforce.

Now, 80 percent of all job openings require a bachelor’s degree, according to the Center for Education and Workforce.

Many students attend school in the hopes of finding work shortly after graduation, believing that having a degree makes finding work easier and faster. This affects many areas of the economy, not just technology workers.

I just read a tweet about a man who was denied a job chance because he lacked a graduate degree.

He hasn’t changed his mind about not getting a degree. So, if you agree with him, you can drop out of school and follow in his footsteps.

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Dropouts do not require networking.

Networking contributes significantly to human success. I am aware that many students drop out of school when they lose interest in their coursemates, lecturers, or the school environment.

As a result, ‘good association’ is a powerful tip to improve your academic performance

Going to school is more than just getting a degree; it’s about the connections and relationships you build along the way.

This is because the college is a meeting point for people from various races, religions, skills, experiences, and general lifestyles.

Billionaires and entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk understand the value of networking in business and life.

So, if you believe that networking isn’t crucial to your success in life, I support that you drop out of school.


Every individual is a brand that has to be promoted. How marketable you are in any profession or sector impacts how successful you will be in your expertise.

Brands are well aware of this, which is why they spend so much money on marketing.

Meanwhile, the marketability of companies and individuals varies. You’ll agree with me that marketing an Apple product to a user is easier than marketing a random computer company’s product.

A college degree allows you to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to boost the value of your brand, making it easier for your network to promote and refer you.

Remember the guy who was laid off from his tech job? He did lose it since he lacked a college diploma. He has the ability, but his lack of a college diploma has made him unmarketable.

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Drop out of school if you believe you can succeed as a low-marketable, individual brand.

Dropouts have low earning power.

The fact that most degree holders earn more than non-degree holders is common knowledge. The disparity is alarming because the majority of non-degree holders work in menial occupations that pay chicken feed.

This should be one of the most compelling reasons to pursue a college education because your purchasing power dictates how far you can go in life, marriage, and career.

When people drop out of school and declare their intention to start a business, they rely on obtaining ‘bank loans’ as capital.

I trust banks not to lend money to those who don’t have a decent education, a steady income, or a track record of investing.

Soft loans, on the other hand, are only available if you have a graduate degree. You are free to drop out of school if you have discovered extraordinary ways to do these without a high earning potential.

If you don’t desire a specialised career, drop out.

After gaining additional knowledge and experience in a specific field, an individual can pursue a specialised job.

You’ve definitely heard of doctors being referred to as consultants; they are doctors who have completed specialised training after receiving a general medical degree.

This is true in all sectors of the economy; experts can be found in engineering, technology, music, agriculture, law, and other fields.

It’s simple to become an expert in your field with a college degree. We’ve heard stories about bands losing sponsorship opportunities because businesses won’t associate with someone who doesn’t have a college diploma.

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Being a college graduate is essential since it simplifies diversification and expertise. However, some people believe that becoming an expert does not require a degree. Drop out of school if you share their viewpoint.


Dropping out of school is not an easy decision to make.

If you want to drop out because you feel you have an extra year, here’s how to escape an extra year.

Suppose you’re a Jambite (someone who just entered a tertiary institution) battling low grades, failure in tests and exams, low energy towards your academics, etc… In that case, these 5-powerful tips are guaranteed to improve your academic performance. 

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