Attending class purposefully; The hack to getting good grades

students attedning classes

As a student, your primary responsibility is to attend class, complete assignments, pass exams, and graduate with good grades.

While some students don’t attend classes, others try to be present in their lecture rooms, even if the lecturer is boring.

I discussed extensively in this article what happens when you skip lectures, why you should attend classes, and how you can make the most of boring classes.

Attending classes remains an important part of the 5-powerful tips guaranteed to boost your academic performance.

What happens when you don’t attend classes?

Is skipping class a bad thing? It is, indeed. “Oh! I didn’t finish my assignments, so I will skip this class and attend the next”, “I don’t like that course/ I hate that lecturer”, etc., are some of the excuses students make to skip classes.

While some students start the semester well by attending lectures, they lose focus after some time.  They stop attending classes due to their involvement in social interactions and extracurricular activities, ignoring their primary purpose on campus.

There’s also the case of being in class but not present. Students can be physically present in class, but their minds are somewhere else.

Some are distracted by their phones and friends, gaining nothing for that day. 

This, among other things, harms your academic performance because other tips for improving your academic performance depend on attending lectures and taking notes.

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What are the consequences of skipping classes?

  • Low grades – some tutors grade based on attendance.
  • Waste of money
  • The start of a bad habit that might be hard to correct 
  • Lagging behind your mates
  • Being seen as an unserious student

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What if your class is boring?

As much as students want to attend classes, some lectures can be highly boring, especially if the lecturers talk too much and students sit for too long.

The result will be students finding it difficult to comprehend or a slow teaching pace. But you don’t always have to be a victim of boring classes. There’s a solution!

Things to do in a boring class that will keep you awake and help you pay attention 

  • Request to be allowed to stand while you listen
  • Take notes even if you don’t understand; this will keep you awake 
  • Do a mind study of the books you’ve read in the past 
  • Ask probing questions; this will make you mentally alert
  • Make a list of things you do not understand
  • Spy on your coursemates; this makes you present in the class environment.
  • Catch who sleeps. This makes you stay awake

What do you gain if you attend classes regularly?

A student’s primary responsibility is to attend lectures. As previously stated, there are numerous rewards for attending lectures, just as there are consequences for missing them.

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Attending lectures is not just for counting heads; your success at the end of the day depends on everything you do academic-wise.

Attending classes also entails more than just being physically present; you need to be emotionally and psychologically present to learn, read, interact, and communicate in your classes.

How to attend class with a purpose.

  • Be punctual 
  • Read ahead 
  • Listen attentively 
  • Take notes 
  • Refuse distractions like pressing your phone or side talks during lectures.

Doing these things before, during, and after attending a lecture will attract academic excellence, which is the primary benefit of attending class purposefully and regularly. Other benefits are;

  • A better understanding of the course and assignments
  • Opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from an expert 
  • Learn from the professors’ experience 
  • Get areas of concentration before exams 
  • Learn from peers and coursemates 
  • Interact and connect with tutor and coursemates

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