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Hello and welcome back to klasshour blog, today we are going to look at the Difference Between GPA and CGPA in Nigerian schools.

Are you a university student, or are you about to enter any higher institution? If so, one of your most significant concerns would be your grades. Good grades are necessary to study abroad, gain scholarships, get placement opportunities, and many more.

It is thus unavoidable for institutions to calculate the grades of their students in an easily relatable way. How is this done? How do universities calculate their student’s grades?

Grades can be computed using GPA and CGPA. This article will answer those questions along with the differences between GPA and CGPA in Nigerian universities.

To better understand what a CGPA is, it is imperative to know what GPA is.

What is a GPA?

GPA is an acronym for Grade Point Average. This is a form of a grading system that is calculated based on the average of the total grade points and total credits are taken. 

How is it calculated?

Each grade point is represented by a letter. Grade A stands for 4 points; grade B stands for 3 points; grade C stands for 2 points, and grade D stands for 1 point.

These grades are multiplied by the number of course credits. 

Take, for example, 

Titi had a B in Chemistry, a 4 unit course. She had an A in Agriculture, a 2 unit course. Also, she had a C in physics, a 3 units course. 

The calculation is shown below as 

Chemistry B(3) multiplied by unit (4) equals 12

Agriculture A(4) multiplied by unit (2) equals 8

Physics C(2) multiplied by unit (3) equals 6

The total, 26, will be divided by the total units, which is (4+2+3) 9. The result is 2.89. This is the GPA.

It is important to note that the calculations might vary depending on the institution or style.

What is CGPA?

CGPA stands for cumulative grade point average. You most likely know what a CGPA is from its acronym. In fact, the only difference between CGPA and GPA in Nigerian universities is that it is cumulative. A CGPA is the average result obtained from accumulating every semester’s GPA. 

You already know what GPA and CGPA mean. Take a look at more differences between CGPA and GPA

Think of GPA as the forgiving grading system. As long as you are doing well in that particular semester or session, your grades will look good. CGPA doesn’t look over failures as it takes into account past grades.

This means that to maintain a good CGPA, you must consistently attain a high GPA every semester or session. CGPA has its perks here as well. In the case of a student who has been doing well but started getting low grades, CGPA can help make such grades look less grievous. 

The difference between GPA and CGPA in Nigerian universities can also be seen in its calculation. While GPA calculates for just a semester, CGPA calculates for semesters and sessions. 

It is noteworthy that while GPA covers a short period, CGPA is for a longer duration. 

The formula for calculating GPA further shows the difference between GPA and CGPA. 

The formula for calculating GPA is the sum of all the courses taken in a semester divided by the total units taken.

On the other hand, the formula for calculating CGPA is the sum of all the courses taken in the semester divided by the total units taken in all semesters. 

Difference Between GPA and CGPA in Nigerian Universities

With the differences between GPA and CGPA in Nigerian universities aforementioned, you can easily deduce that both GPA and CGPA are interrelated. That fact remains and shouldn’t be neglected.

In other words, they are mutually exclusive. There is no CGPA without GPA. A high GPA results in a high CPGA. Inversely, a low GPA results in a low CGPA.

Which of the two matters most?

Both CGPA and GPA matter. However, generally speaking, a good CGPA will place you in a good light.

It is the most commonly asked for job and admission hunting. Some institutions are only interested in your strengths and how well you can perform in specific areas. Such institutions might be keener on your GPA. 

Summarily, a grading system is essential for teachers to evaluate students’ academic abilities. To do this, a GPA or CGPA can be adopted as the grading system.

The significant difference between GPA and CGPA is the time frame.

While GPA is calculated within a semester, CGPA covers a more extended period. Both GPA and CGPA are interrelated. There is no CGPA without GPA.

Based on such a premise, it is safe to conclude that GPA and CGPA are important. 

Are you using a GPA grading system? Make sure you do your best. Are you working on a cumulative GPA? Make sure you consistently get good grades.

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