Online Tutoring: All you need to know about it


Online tutoring is a great way to make money on the internet right now, and it’s not only for teachers. It can be an extra source of income if you want.

This article explains what being a tutor entails, how to become one, and where you can tutor. Many confuse a teacher for a tutor, which is not the case. Let’s start by clearing this misunderstanding.

Who is a tutor?

A tutor is a person who gives personalized or one-on-one academic assistance to a small group of pupils or an individual.

A tutor is not the same as a teacher. In most cases, teachers work with many students in schools and study centers. In contrast, tutors are focused on the personal development of one student at a time. Tutors go above and beyond to ensure students comprehend the subject, course, or topic. They are better paid than teachers since they devote more time and attention to a small group than a large group of students.

A tutor may have the same qualifications as a teacher, but their functions are different, so Mr. John can work as a teacher during the day and become a tutor in the evening. All he has to do now is work as a tutor to build on what the teacher has previously shared in class.

Tutors can now earn more money because they are no longer limited by location and can connect with students as online tutors. This leads us to the following topic: how to become an online tutor.

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How to become an online tutor

Unlike traditional tutoring, where the student’s guardian or parent reviews your CV and decides whether or not to hire you after a brief interview, becoming an online tutor requires more than your qualifications.

To work as an online tutor and earn a solid income without having to teach in a traditional classroom setting, here’s what you should do:

Choose your subject/course – The first step is to decide on the course or subject you want to pursue. I know you’re smart and think you can teach anyone anything, but that’s not how it works.

You should try to narrow down what you want to teach if possible. An adage says that if you chase all the fish in the ocean, you’ll never catch any. This is why you must specialize.

If you’re skilled at chemistry, restricting your focus to organic chemistry will give you greater authority and a better chance of finding clients with organic chemistry problems.

Create a teaching method –  This is crucial. While you may think, “I’ll form my note when I receive a client,” trust me when I say that if you fail to satisfy your first client, it will reflect in your review and drive students away.

So, one of the winning secrets for online tutors is to prepare your notes and formulate a teaching plan before the first client arrives.

Get your credentials ready – Online tutors are verified and interviewed like traditional teachers are, and different online tutoring firms utilize different ways.

You’ll need your certifications and proof of teaching experience in whatever way they use. This is how students decide which tutor to choose based on tutors’ information.

Before becoming an online tutor, ensure you have all the necessary documents. If you don’t, take some online courses to obtain certificates.

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Create an account on any online tutoring app or website – The next step is to register with online teaching platforms, enter your credentials, and wait for approval and verification.

It’s important to remember that various online tutoring apps vary; some need you to upload your videos like YouTube and then get paid when students watch them.

While companies like klasshour connect you as a tutor with a student in real-time, you get paid immediately after the class and can take more classes at your own pace.

Be professional – You should have your first client in no time if you follow these procedures. When this happens, you must treat your students with respect and create a positive relationship with them so that they will hire you again when they have other problems and refer you to other students.

What subject/topic can I teach online tutor?

The internet is a wonderful invention. Like Apple’s tagline says, “Be boundless in your creativity,” the internet has made it feasible to teach any subject or topic you want to teach online.

Every day, students go online to look for answers to the academic issues they face;

  • Mathematics 
  • English
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Language
  • Agriculture
  • Management
  • Culture & Art

You are not restricted to any field. As long as the field exists, there will undoubtedly be difficulties that you can solve for students and get compensated for.

Online tutor qualification

As said earlier, you must be academically qualified before becoming an online tutor. To teach physics, you should at least be a high school graduate with high grades in physics. So, I am not going to dwell on academic readiness. 

There are essential qualities you should have before you can become a successful online tutor. These qualities are often underestimated, but they influence how you teach and your rating on online tutoring platforms. These qualities are but are not limited to; 

  • Good communication skill
  • Patience
  • Good listening skills
  • Empathy 
  • Confident 
  • Creative 
  • Good sense of humor 
  • Punctual
  • Passionate
  • Fair
  • Consistent 
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Can I tutor without a degree?

YES! You’ll notice I answered in uppercase letters. You don’t need a college degree to tutor online; your desire to make a difference in people’s lives and pass on knowledge matters most. As a result, you don’t need a teaching certificate to start tutoring online.

Best online tutoring app

  1. TutorMeaccording to TutorMe, “students will have access to highly qualified tutors from the best universities across the globe ready to help. An acceptance rate of 4% means all our tutors are thoroughly screened. It is an America-based online tutoring platform that covers over 300 subjects across all grade levels.” 
  1. Klasshour

Klasshour is an EdTech platform connecting students to independent tutors in real-time. Klasshour is a real-time online tutoring platform that connects African students to tutors. Tutors get paid instantly and can take as many classes as possible. 

  1. Chegg tutors 

“Chegg tutors was an online tutoring company that matched students seeking help with online tutors. Students could receive help either on-demand or by scheduling a lesson.”

  1. eTutorWorld 

“eTutorWorld is an Indian online tutoring platform that offers what each student needs. As each child learns in their way and is at their unique place in their academic journey, eTutorWorld collaborates with parents and access each student’s needs to ensure a personalised K-12 online tutoring curriculum is developed just for them.”

  1. Skooli

“Skooli has several ways for students and parents to pay and avail of tutoring services.”

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