Best Udemy Alternatives In Nigeria

Are you looking for the best Udemy alternatives in Nigeria? If yes, this informative article is for you. Make sure you read to the end.

Udemy is a popular e-learning platform with thousands to millions of digital courses, from website design, graphic design, video editing, content writing, and other related courses. Some are free, while most are premium courses that you need to pay for before you can access them. In addition, Udemy has incredible features that allow all users to get a certificate after completing their premium course. 

Udemy comes with a lot of advantages. But, likewise, there are numerous disadvantages to the popular e-learning platform. If you are looking for a better Udemy alternative, check out the available e-learning platforms.

If you are planning to acquire a new skill in 2023, then it is important to use this e-Learning platform to learn any skills on your own time with little money. Likewise, you will be able to get a certificate immediately after you have completed the course. T

his will increase your chances of getting the job. Even if you’re a professional, you can improve your knowledge by enrolling in any related course on this e-Learning platform. This will increase your knowledge and give you a world-class certificate that will add value to your business. 


Edx is one of the best and most popular e-learning platforms that provide college-level online courses. Currently, there are over 2500 courses available.

It’s one of the best Best Udemy Alternatives In Nigeria.

Harvard and MIT founded Edx, and since it started and ran, there have been a lot of high-quality courses.

Most of the courses on edX are created by professionals to provide high-quality education for students. Some methods are available for free.

You don’t need to pay to access or enroll in free courses with all the course materials, like lectures, videos, ungraded assignments, and reading. But you will only be able to receive graded assignments and verified certificates after completion of the course.

It would help if you had to pay before you could get the Paid (Verified) Track, which comes with a certificate immediately after the course, which you can add to your

resume or LinkedIn profile.

Likewise, you can enroll in MicroMasters programs on edx. These are a series of graduate-level courses from popular universities in the world. A lot of universities offer credit for the

MicroMasters program certificate.

Most of these programs are not free. Instead, they are available for around $1,500 and take between 7 months and 1 year to complete.

LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn is a popular social media network where you can connect with professionals and other individuals for business purposes.

Likewise, LinkedIn also offers E-Learning programs that are known as LinkedIn Learning. 

Best Udemy Alternatives In Nigeria

It was known as Lynda some years ago before LinkedIn acquired it. 

LinkedIn Learning is one of the most popular e-learning platforms with thousands of high-quality courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced, covering a wide array of subjects like graphic design, forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, web development, economics, business Management, and more. 

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With $29,99/month or $299,88/year, you will be able to have access to all premium courses, which are over 16,000 courses.

At the moment, LinkedIn Learning is a single monthly subscription fee that gives you access to all the content on the platform.

LinkedIn Learning is the best Udemy alternative in Nigeria at the moment. 


Coursera is also one all the best Udemy alternatives at the moment. Coursera comes with a Coursera Plus subscription that gives users unlimited access to courses, specializations, and professionals.

Certificates for just $399/year.

Currently, average online degrees cost up to $25,000 each, and there are over 4,300 courses. Now, Coursera is offering university-level courses and certification programs.

Best Udemy Alternatives In Nigeria

You will be able to learn from professional instructors from top companies and universities like Stanford, Yale, and Princeton.

The Coursera Plus subscription price for individual courses is available between $29 to $99.

Likewise, there are thousands of courses that have the audit option that is available for all users to take for free.

In case you choose to audit the course, you won’t be able to receive the available graded assignments, a certificate, and bonus materials that are all available in the premium courses.

You take advantage of the online degree courses granted by world-class, accredited universities. The major advantage of getting your degree online is that it is less expensive than on-

campus programs. Likewise, you can study at your own pace

and complete your degree faster than average university courses. 


Alison has been the most popular and the best Udemy alternative over the years and still now. You can learn any online courses for free and get a certificate after completing a video course. 

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One of the major advantages available on Alison is that you will be able to learn a lot of courses and get certificates without spending a dime. 

Although it has premium packages, there are several differences between free and premium. Alison has a wide range of courses to learn, from graphic design to website design, logo design, freelance content writing, copywriting, video editing, and more.

An Alison certificate is well respected in several organizations across the globe, so getting an Allison certificate after a course will add value to your CV and increase your chances of getting a job in any country of the world.

Alison offers video courses in English, Spanish, German and more languages. 


Now that you know the Best Udemy Alternatives In Nigeria, you can use these e-learning platforms if you want to get new skills in 2023.

They provide high-quality video courses to learn thousands of skills online for little money. Some also offer free classes, even with certificates after completing the course.

From graphic design to website development, cryptocurrency trading, forex trading, logo design, business management, accounting, fashion designing, coding, programming, and more courses are available on these e-learning platforms. 


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