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Getting the LLB Degree is the first step you need to take to become a lawyer in Nigeria or other countries of the world. If you want to become a lawyer it is essential to get the LLB Degree so that you will be able to begin your process to become a professional lawyer.

It is very important to get all the necessary information before you begin any project. That is why I’m here to explain all the things that you need to get started with LLB degree qualifications. 

The LLB Degree is a popular undergraduate program in several universities in the world that is generally entered after completing secondary school. The LL.B. was historically the primary law degree in a number of countries. 


Getting Started With LLB Degree Qualification in Nigeria

Currently, in Nigeria. LLB degree is a 5-year course, the undergraduate curriculum requires law students to study 12 compulsory core law courses which are – Legal Methods, Nigerian Legal System, Contract Law, Constitutional Law, Company Law, Law of Torts, Commercial Law, Law of Equity and Trusts, Criminal Law, Land Law, Law of Evidence, and Jurisprudence.

You need to enroll at the Nigerian Law School Bar Part I programme, in case you get your LLB degree qualification from foreign university. You need to undertake the Bar Part 1 programme, this important program is available for students to understand the important aspects of the Nigerian legal system, which they would not have been exposed to in foreign universities. 

If you enroll in any of the Nigerian universities, then you need to proceed to the Nigerian Law School for the Bar Part II programme.

The Nigerian Law School is designed to educate and train law graduates in vocational knowledge. Likewise to practice the skills that have acquired in their LLB degree years in the university.  

The Bar Part II programme is very important for all law students and they need to obtain at least a Pass degree in all of them to complete the programme.

How to Get Started With LLB Degree Qualification

The courses are Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law & Practice, Property Law and Law in Practice (Ethics & Skills).

Now all Bar Part II students need to take the Bar Finals examination. If you are successful in the Bar Finals examination, then you will be eligible to be ‘called to the Nigerian Bar. 

Requirements to get started with LLB degree qualification 

It is very important to know the major admission requirements that are needed to start LLB degree qualifications in most of Nigeria Universities.

Immediately, you know the major requirements you will be able to start preparing to get the requirement and proceed with the admission process. 

It is advisable not to contact any University for law admission if you don’t get these requirements ready because you I’m not eligible to enroll for a law undergraduate degree. 


Before you can get an admission to study law in any Nigerian universities you need to have obtained a minimum of five (5) passes in the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) or the National Examinations Council (NECO) in not more than two (2) sittings, including a pass at credit level in both English and Mathematics. 

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)

Likewise, it is very important to write the UTME Examinations in the relevant subjects- Literature-in-English and at least two more Arts/or Social Science subjects, applying to any university that offers law in Nigeria. 

You must score up to the required cut-off mark to be determined by the university before they are deemed eligible. 


Post-UTME is also important for you if you want to enroll for law in any of the Nigerian universities. You need to register and write a test (Post -UTME) which is conducted by the University.

These major requirements that are needed to start LLB degree qualifications in any of the Nigerian universities as of the moment of writing this informative article. 

This is how you can get started with LLB degree qualifications in Nigeria at the moment. The process is similar in other countries of the world, although it is not the same because each and every country has their own requirements for a law undergraduate degree.

If you don’t reside in Nigeria, or you are planning to study law abroad, then you need to do proper research so that you will be able to know the major requirements that are needed to get admission to study law in any university in the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an LLB Degree make you a lawyer?

An LLB degree is the first step to becoming a practicing solicitor or barrister, the titles for lawyers in the United Kingdom and several other countries. Upon completion of the LLB, a graduate can apply for a Master of Laws (LLM)

What does LLB stand for?

LLB means Bachelor of Laws, it is abbreviated as LL. B., LLB, or Ll. B. It is an undergraduate law degree that every law student needs to take before they proceed to law School or acquire more degrees in law. In most common law countries.


Getting started with an LLB degree qualification can be a challenging but rewarding journey. It requires dedication and hard work, as well as a solid understanding of the legal system and the skills necessary to succeed in the field.

With the right approach and a willingness to learn, it is possible to achieve success and make a positive impact in the legal profession.

Whether you are just starting out or are looking to advance your career, an LLB degree can open doors and provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

Now you know all the necessary and important information about how you can get started with LLB degree qualification. it is very important to follow the necessary instruction especially when it comes to getting admission to study law in any university in Nigeria or other countries of the world.  

You need to consider the admission requirements and meet them, so that you will be able to get admitted to study law

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