How To Start An Online English Teaching Business

How To Start An Online English Teaching Business

Am sure you stumbled upon this page because you want to learn how to start an online english teaching business.

Teaching English as a business can generate money because nowadays, more and more people are dedicating time to studying English as a second language. 

In light of the importance of English as an international language, the trend of teaching English online is rising.

Learners can get easier access to native speakers too, so demand is growing for more online English teachers. 

Unlike the requirements for a regular desk job (or a regular English teaching job), teaching online gives you much flexibility. 

How To Start An Online English Teaching Business

You can teach from anywhere, so you can teach as you travel and perhaps even earn the money you need to keep your travels going or do some important things in your life. 

What are the requirements to start an online English teaching business? 

Good English

To begin with, ensure you are fluent in the English Language

This is important to become an online English teacher because if you can not use the language well, there is no way you’ll teach someone, and many learners might prefer native speakers to you. 

If you have an excellent knowledge of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, you can probably start your business as an online English teacher without necessarily getting a specialized English language degree. 

To start online teaching as an English teacher, you must be fluent in that language.

Teach Effectively

Also, ensure you get a certified certificate that will enable you to teach effective ally and master business skills. 

Examples of these are TESL, TEFL, and TESOL; with those courses, you will learn different methods of teaching, different learning styles.

How to plan cf classes, how to simplify the language and grammar for your students, and what kind of material to use for teaching and many more. 

How To Start An Online English Teaching Business

Get more of the courses on Klasshour.

Good Hardware And Internet

Furthermore, to start an online English teacher, you must get the right hardware( equipment) and internet connection. 

You must ensure that you have all the hardware/equipment you need to teach online and an internet connection. 

Examples are computers or Laptops, headphones with a microphone( to have a clear and audible session with your student), stable network connections, and many more.

Right Software

Also, starting an online English teaching business requires Installing the right software. 

Online classes work best when you can have a video chat with your students. One of the best and most widely used apps for this purpose is Skype. 

You can install the software and then search for tutorials on how to teach English online via Skype to conduct your lessons online. 

Or, you could work through an online English teaching company, and they can provide the software and lesson plans, and manage clients and payments, too. 

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Most definitely, one of the most important steps in figuring out how to start teaching English online is to have the right software and hardware.

Just as important, set up a Paypal or any paying account. It’s only fun to make money if you have a way to get the money! 

PayPal is one of the most used and trusted methods of online payments. Both independent and online language school teachers mostly get paid through it. 

Consider setting up your account before you can start to look for clients.

Other Alternatives To Klasshour

Additionally, browse and apply on platforms. 

This stage is important because to become an online teacher, you need to find teaching jobs and students. 

The internet is full of job boards and online job markets; however,  Klasshour is the most reliable and promising opportunity that will not only help you find students but guarantee payment. 

Finally, start teaching. You schedule the first class, open your webcam, and get ready to make amazing connections and teach. 


Starting an online English teaching business can be a great way to make a living from home. 

There are many different ways to go about starting your own business, and the sky is the limit as to what you can achieve. 

If you have some experience teaching English, or if you know someone who does, this could be the perfect career for them. 

Through online courses and other methods of marketing your services, you can easily create a successful business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. 

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So what are you waiting for? Start planning your journey into online teaching today!


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