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You need to know how to check your JAMB admission status. Once you know how to check it, then you will be able to proceed with your admission process so you will be able to make the process faster and easier for you. 

It is very important to know that JAMB result checking, admission process, and other related aspects need to be taken care of as soon as possible so that you will be able to increase your chances of getting admission into any of the Nigerian universities or polytechnics

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a body that is created to conduct the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Nigeria.

Immediately after the exams, a lot of candidates who meet the admission requirements set by their chosen institutions need to check their admission status on the JAMB portal.

You need to know that this process is very important for students as it determines whether they have been accepted into their chosen institution or not.

In this article, I will walk you through the guide on how you can check your JAMB admission status using an easy-to-understand step-by-step method. 

So that can help you easily access your results and make informed decisions about your education

How to Check JAMB Admission Status

You need to check your JAMB admission status, using the information or instruction below:

  • Now you need to log in to your JAMB profile by submitting your email address and password.
  • Immediately after you successfully login into your JAMB profile, you need to locate your dashboard, then select the year you wrote the UTME from the dropdown menu.
  • You have to submit your JAMB registration number in the space provided.
  • Now tap the “Check Admission Status” button.

If you are lucky to be admitted then your admission status will be displayed on the page. You will be able to see the name of your institution, and the course you have been admitted to study.

Likewise, there will be an option to either accept or reject the admission.

In case you have not been admitted, then you will see a message that shows you have not been offered admission. It is advisable to check back at a later time because admission lists are updated periodically.

Remember that you need to offer admission, so you need to proceed to the institution to complete the necessary admission processes like payment of acceptance fees and registration.

Tips To Check JAMB Admission Status

Check your admission status regularly

When it comes to checking your admission status on the JAMB portal, you need to do it periodically because the JAMB portal is frequently updated so you will avoid missing any updates.

Likewise, several institutions release their admission lists at different times, which is why it is very important to check regularly to ensure you don’t miss any important information.

Keep your JAMB profile information up-to-date

It is very important to keep your JAMB profile information up-to-date. Your personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, and date of birth, are correct or up-to-date on your JAMB profile.

You will be able to avoid any errors or issues that may prevent you from checking your admission status.

Follow the instructions carefully

It is very important to follow all the necessary instructions when checking your JAMB admission status. Make sure you follow all the instructions provided on the JAMB portal.

Errors or mistakes when checking your admission status can lead to delays or incorrect information, which may be frustrating and time-consuming to correct.

Contact JAMB support for assistance

If you find it so difficult to check your JAMB admission status, then you need to contact JAMB customer service so that they will help you to get rid of the difficulties or issues when checking your admission status.

You can contact JAMB support for assistance, they will provide guidance and advice on how to resolve any problems you may encounter.

Accept or reject your admission offer promptly

In case you have been offered admission, you need to accept or reject the offer promptly so that you can avoid losing your place to another candidate. You need to complete all necessary admission processes before the deadline specified by the institution.

You may need to wait for some hours or days before you can get your admission offer. It all depends on the institution you choose. Likewise, it is very important to get in touch with other students that choose the same university or polytechnic so that they will be able to share their experience with you which will help you to make the right decisions and get admission into the same situation as soon as possible. 


You need to understand that checking your JAMB admission status is one of the important steps in the admission process for students in Nigeria.

Once you follow the simple steps outlined in this article, then you will be able to access your admission status and use the information to improve your decisions about your education.

You need to check the JAMB portal regularly and ensure that your profile information is up-to-date.

If you face any issues, don’t hesitate to contact JAMB support for assistance. You have to accept or reject your admission offer promptly and complete all necessary admission processes before the deadline.

With the information in this article, you will be able to check your JAMB admission status and take the next step toward achieving your educational goals without paying anyone to do it for you. 

All you need is your smartphone or laptop. Together with a stable internet connection, then you will be able to check your JAMB admission status. The process won’t take you up to 5 minutes, once you understand all the necessary information in this article. 

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